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Wandsworth Wiki Website Portal

Quick wiki image and link to Quick Wiki example

Link to Wandsworth's Wiki Portal to request a Wiki.

Am I eligible for a Wiki Website in Wandsworth?

If you are;

  • 0 to 24 years old,  and
  • receive special educational needs and / or disability (SEND) support, (this includes having an EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan) or Statement of SEN (Special Educational Needs), 
  • receive continuing healthcare, or:
  • have a social worker in the 0 to 25 Disabilities Team) and either:
  • live in Wandsworth, and/or
  • attend an educational establishment based in Wandsworth or an organisation based in Wandsworth,

you can have a Wandsworth funded Wiki Website.

You need to complete the registration form on Wandsworth's Wiki Portal in order for us to accurately assess your eligibility and, if you are eligible, to set you up with a Wiki.

Where do I get support and help to develop my Wiki Website?

If you need help with your Wiki you can:

  • refer to your Wiki Basic Course and/or Quick Wiki Course which you will be set up with as well as your wiki,
  • read the guides on the Local Offer website,
  • ask Rix for help, as every Wiki has an online help tab,
  • ask your Portal Manager, at your school or youth group if there is one, or
  • email 

I’m not sure about signing up yet, how can I find out more about Wiki Websites?

Rix Research and Media, who have developed the Wiki concept, have several useful webpages you can visit to find out more.  Their main website is  This is also where you can log in to your Wiki, once you have one.  From this page you can see some:

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us: 
020 8871 7899