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Renewing your WAND card

DCR and WAND card application form 2020

WAND cards last for three years or until you are 18 years old.  If your WAND card is about to expire, please complete a new application form and email or post it in to the address below. 

Please include ONE of the following:

  • written evidence that you get child tax credit which includes the disabled child element, OR
  • a letter confirming current receipt of disability living allowance (DLA) at the middle or higher rate (for either mobility or care), or personal independence payment (PIP), OR
  • a letter from a medical, educational, social work or other professional addressed to the Disabled Children's Register (DCR), confirming that there is a complex health need that impacts significantly on getting about and accessing services.

Do I need to complete separate forms for each child or young person who needs a new card?

  • Yes, please. You will need to complete a separate form for each child or young person, 0- 17 years old. 

Do you need me to send in original proof of eligibility?

  • No. We don't need to see original documentation - send us a scan or  photocopy with your Disabled Children's Register (DCR) and WAND card application form. If you are applying by email, please scan or photograph the documents and attach them to your email. If you send us the original, we will copy and post it back. 

Why do I need to re-apply every three years?

We ask members to re-apply every three years so that we have up to date information about them and their parents or carers.  This could be a new street address, email address or a change to permission to share information, use an email address or  something else. 

Can I have a WAND card if I'm not a member of Wandsworth's Disabled Children's Register (DCR)?

  • No. You need to be a member of the DCR and aged between 0 and 17 years to get a WAND Card.  However, not all DCR members will be eligible for the card, which is aimed at children and young people with complex needs that significantly impact on their ability to get out and about. Details are listed above.

Can my friend join and have a WAND card too?

  • Any child or young person with special needs can apply to join the Disabled Children's Register (DCR), or their parents or carers can apply on their behalf, provided they are a Wandsworth resident.  To qualify for a WAND card, see the criteria listed above.

How long will it take to recieve a new WAND card?

You will be posted your new WAND card within 4 to 6 weeks.  The card needs to be ordered, printed, posted back to the Town Hall and then packaged with a new WAND wallet and any other publications we think you will find useful and then posted to you.

Anyone with a query about eligibility is welcome to call Eleanor Thain,  on 020 8871 8907 or email

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