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The Participation Project

Wandsworth Children’s Services is committed to listening to, and hearing the voices of the borough’s children. We have been on an improvement journey over recent years and are determined to keep improving our services, both those we provide, and those we commission. But we can’t do this alone. We need to find ways to engage more frequently and effectively with more children and young people living in the borough. Our aim is to produce an Engagement Plan in partnership with the borough’s children and young people. To help us with this we have designed a survey with the help of some children and young people.

The survey ‘the Participation Project’ aims to give children and young people the chance to tell us what is really important to them when we communicate with them, support them, and when we need their help to improve and to design services for children and young people in the future. It’s really important to us that this survey reaches as many children and young people living in our borough as possible. So we’re asking for your help…

We know you provide support, activities and services for children, young people, and for families living in Wandsworth. Please can you help us reach as many children and young people as possible by sharing the ‘Participation Project’ with them over the next four weeks. This could be sending out the link in any emails, creating a social media post to share the link, or taking 10minutes in any face to face session (perhaps this is still virtual) to explain and ask children and young people to complete the survey.

We have created an Introduction sheet to the survey. The survey is also provided in two different styles. One style will be more suitable for most older children and young people to complete (as our young partners have told us). The other style is in two parts, with Part 1 providing more description, designed with the aim for adults to read through with children, either individually or in groups, and help them to complete in a fun way.

The survey is online and can be accessed HERE, but we have also attached the introduction sheet and both styles of surveys in case it will be easier for some children and young people to access this way, or to print out to complete. The survey will go live from today (Monday 21st September 2020) and will close on Monday 19th October 2020.

If you have any questions about the ‘Participation Project’, or about how you can help us with this, please contact Tracy Shaw, Head of Children’s Services Commissioning – email:

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