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Why should we become WAND Makers?

WAND card image

This video shows how one Wandsworth business, Flip Out,  is making a difference for disabled children and young people and their families who are, or would like to be, their customers.  Flip Out are one of several WAND Makers who offer discounted or free sessions, some of which are exclusive, to WAND and WAND+ card holders. 

Please note that Flip Out does not allow double or triple bouncing, (more than one person on a trampoline at a time) despite some of the children in this video doing this...

Not all disabilities or special needs are obvious, which is why Wandsworth Council have come up with an ID card to make it easier for parents or carers to flag up if they need a bit of extra assistance while out and about with a disabled child. 

The Wandsworth Additional Needs Database card (‘WAND card’), is an enhanced provision to help a child or young person from 0 to 18 years old whose needs significantly impact on their ability to get around to shops and services.  Their special need or disability might be due to one or more of the following: physical disability, major visual or hearing impairment, a chronic physical illness, autistic and communication disorders, learning disability or pre-school delay.

Launched over seven years ago, the WAND card has proved a huge hit with parents, carers and young people who find it saves having to give embarrassing explanations when they are out and about. 

It is helpful to businesses too, to see the card and it can also be used as proof of eligibility for discounts or concessions, where these apply.  

Following requests from WAND Card holders for an older young person's version of the WAND card,   the WAND+ card for young people 18 to 24 years old with special educational needs or disabilities is already held over 60 Wandsworth young people with SENDs.  More of an ID card at present, we are looking for WAND Makers who are keen to make it easier for WAND+ Card holders to enjoy going out and about in Wandsworth.

You don’t have to offer a facility to join in the scheme. You can join in to help the current 1,000 plus  WAND and WAND+ card holders by offering help in other ways.  To be listed as ‘WAND Makers’, businesses need to sign up to support WAND in at least three ways.  The following list gives examples of how you can help but the scheme is open other ideas from the businesses themselves:

  • Display a WAND sticker

  • Display our WAND leaflets

  • Have a staff member link person to  who can liaise with us about assistance for customers and update us on what you offer

  • Offer WAND and/or WAND+ card holders or their carers concessions

  • Fast tracking

  • Help fetching or packing shopping

  • Special discounts or reduced price goods

  • Baby changing room and disabled toilets

  • A quiet area for calming a distressed child or young person

  • A separate area for breast feeding or feeding a disabled child

  • ‘WAND quiet’ sessions for children who get overwhelmed during normal service hours

In return, we can help businesses by:

  • Providing stickers to show they support the scheme
  • Giving shop staff tips on how to help shoppers with a disabled child
  • Providing awareness training or guidance on further sources of help
  • Helping employees with their own needs if they are resident in the Borough and have child with a disability or special need
  • Promoting shops, restaurants, surgeries and other businesses that support the WAND scheme, helping to raise their profile and bring in more custom to their venue
  • Listing their business on the THRIVE Wandsworth and Local Offer website
  • and listing them in "Where can I use my WAND or WAND+ card?"

Southside is the first shopping centre in the borough to come on board as supporters of the WAND card.  Beforehand, the team at Southside worked with Wandsworth Council to improve the centre’s disability awareness.  This included the development of a training course which all staff attended. 

Speaking about the training, Neil Churchill from Southside said: “We pride ourselves on making everyone’s visit to Southside as enjoyable as possible. This was a very useful course which has really helped raise our awareness of the different forms of disability and how Southside’s staff can best provide help and support for all, including carers.”

A team of volunteer Parent Champions help us to spread the word about the WAND and WAND+ cards.  These are parents of children with special needs or disabilities who are users of the WAND card. They are keen to encourage more families to share the benefits and also to help shops and businesses who would like to support the scheme and benefit from more customer footfall.  Their vision is to have a hub of shops, services and places to eat in each Town Centre where the WAND sticker is on display so that families know they are welcome.

If your business would like to participate in this scheme, please contact the SEND Local Offer team on 0208 871 8907 or e mail us at and we will either send you a joining pack or arrange for a Parent Champion to visit you to explain more about the scheme.

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