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Buying or renting a home

This is very expensive in Wandsworth and much of West London. Most young people with or without SENDs will need to save up for a considerable time for a deposit on a privately rented home - up to twice the monthly rent - and have quite a high income to afford the rent and other costs. Shelter's website has some useful advice about private renting.

Buying a home also requires a large sum of money for a deposit and an income high enough to pay a mortgage and all the other bills of home ownership.  The Money Advice Service also has information about renting and buying your home.

Finding suitable, long-term accommodation is more complicated when you have additional needs or requirements. Things are starting to change but we know there’s more to do if young people with SEND are going to have the same housing options available to them as the rest of the population. The first step is supporting young people to think about how they want to live and then understand what options are available to them.  The Home Wiki (still a draft) is one way to find out about finding a home.

Can't find what you are looking for? 

You can call or email THRIVE Wandsworth  

020 8871 7899

If you would prefer to meet someone to talk, with an interpreter or signer if you need one, please call THRIVE Wandsworth to make an appointment at the Town Hall.

We can see people who drop in to the Customer Centre at the Town Hall, but only if a Disability Information Officer is available.