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Early Help Assessment (EHA)

What is the Early Help Assessment?

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) has been developed from the Signs of Safety and Well Being methodology.  The practitioners work with a parent(s) or young person to gather information and build a picture of what is currently happening, including where there are strengths and what the concerns are.  This assessment helps the practitioners to analyse current needs, develop an action plan and set goals that can be used at TAC meetings to review if progress is being made.  The assessment is shared with other services and is used as a tool for referral into other services when required.

Referring to services using the EHA

If you feel that a child or family would benefit from additional services you should send them the Early Help Assessment as the referral form.  You can do this through a service request via the Early Help IT System (EHITS). Clearly state what you are asking the service to do and ensure that you have consent from the parent or young person to share the EHA with the proposed service.

Completed EHA forms must be sent to

Referring to Early Help services using a MARF

For all referrals requesting local authority early help services, a referral needs to be made to Wandsworth Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) through a multi-agency referral form as a part of the integrated front door for children’s services. These services include targeted family support, targeted youth support service, youth community service, early years and children centre service. Clearly state what you are asking the service to do and ensure that you have consent from the parent or young person to share the referral with the proposed service.

If you need any further clarification, please contact the early help systems team on

Safeguarding and Child Protection concerns

If you feel that a child is at risk of harm you must refer the child to the Children's Services Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team. All safeguarding concerns must be referred to MASH, using the multi-agency referral form.

For safeguarding concerns, please contact

Please find below additional guidance on what information to include when making a referral using an Early Help Assessment and what fields the information should go into:

  • The referrers details, their name, role, contact details and the capacity that they work with the family
    (EHA – Details of Person undertaking assessment page 1)
  • The basic information about the child and their family, as many names, DOB’s, address etc. as they know (the more the better)
    (EHA - Details of baby, child or young person being assessed page 1)
  • Any history that they know about that would add to the concerns
    (EHA – Parent responsibility page 2, Current home situation page 2, Family Summary 1. What are we worried about? Page 3)
  • The reason they are referring – what is it they are worried about and why? What do they think the risks are and what are they worried will happen.
    (EHA – Family Summary 1. What are we worried about? Danger Statement Page 3)
  • What they want to happen from Children’s Services e.g. Support/TAC meeting/ assessment? (They need to consider what they think CSS can do in order to prevent risk to the child)
    (EHA – Family Summary 1. What needs to happen? Page 3 and Conclusions, Solutions and Actions page 4)
  • Whether the parents know about the referral, if not why they have not informed them
    (EHA – Consent form page 5)
  • Support and intervention they have considered before making the referral
    (EHA – Agency involvement page 2 and Next steps page ) 

If you are a member of the public

If you believe there is an immediate need for a safeguarding response, or want to assess whether a safeguarding referral is appropriate, call the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team:

Call 020 8871 6622 (9am to 5pm)

Out of hours: 020 8871 6000 or email