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What is Wandsworth's WAND+ card?

Image of WAND+ card application cover

Wandsworth's Additional Needs Database Plus Card or 'WAND+ Card',  is:

  • a convenient form of ID. This can help to avoid the need for lengthy explanations when asking for any existing concessions and assistance within the borough;
  • it also means you will be posted and/or emailed the DCR Newsletter twice a year for information in the WAND+ Zone, about services and support for you  in Wandsworth.

1. What can I use the WAND+ card for?

  • to show that you have a disability or special need, so that you can get support, additional time to explain or other assistance, if and when you need it.
  • to get discounts and concessions within Wandsworth - see the latest "Where can I use my WAND or WAND+ card".

2. Do you need original proof of eligibility?

No. We don't need to see original documentation - send us a photocopy with your WAND + card application form. If you are applying by email, please scan or photograph the documents and attach them to your email.

3. Who can have a WAND+ Card?

Anyone aged 18 to 24 years, with special educational needs, disabilities or complex health needs can apply for a WAND+ Card, provided they are a Wandsworth resident or a Wandsworth 'looked after' young person.  To qualify for a WAND + card, certain criteria apply, details of which are on page 2 of the registration form. 

4. Can my friend join?

If they meet the criteria above, they, or their parents or carers, can complete an application form, and have a WAND+ card.

Anyone with a query about eligibility is welcome to call Eleanor Thain from the WAND and WAND+ Team on 020 8871 8907, or email

5. What if I lose my WAND+ card?

Don't worry, there are full details about how to get a replacement, here.

6. What if a business wants to support the young people who have a WAND+ card?

If you would like to become a WAND Maker, please contact the WAND and WAND+ Team  or visit our webpage for WAND Makers.

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