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The Transition Panel - Moving from Children's Services to Adult's

If a young person is likely to, or will have,  care and support needs as an adult it is essential that a referral to the Transitions Panel is made early (well in advance of their 18th birthday) to ensure that proper pathway planning can take place. 

All such "Transition" cases need to go through the Transition Panel process first. 

To make a referral to the panel please call the Adults Services Access Team on 020 8871 7707.  They will go through the Social Care Screening Tool (attached)  to begin the process and open a file (if needed). 

At the moment,  Wandsworth' adult's and children’s social work databases are separate, so this information has to be entered manually in to the Adult's database by Access staff.  Please bear with them if they ask basic questions or questions with answers that are already on a file.  This is a necessity at this time. 

Alternatively,  you can print off the attached form, fill it out by hand and send it in to the Access Team who will then enter in the information.  Once the referral has been completed by the Access Officer they will forward the request on to the Transition Panel Coordinator mailbox. 

Deadline for Transition Panel Submissions

The Access Officer will then submit a notification of a Transition referral to the Transition Panel Coordinator.  There is a deadline for Transition Panel cases to be submitted.  This is the Thursday before the panel meeting at 12pm.  This is to allow the coordinator time to prepare the agenda and arrange invitations etc. 

Cases submitted to the Transition Panel coordinator will be entered onto the agenda for the next transitions panel (subject to checking correct information is submitted).  Those submitted after this deadline will have to wait for the following panel to present their case. 

All transitions should be planned well (sometimes years) in advance so we generally do not expect many cases requiring urgent work. Sometimes however this cannot be avoided, so in which case please follow the process outlined here but please also contact Eric Richardson, 0-25 Disabilities Team Manager  for urgent consideration of action, pending a panel outcome.

Returns to The Transitions Panel

Cases that have been presented to the Transitions Panel in the past can still be returned to panel at any time using the above process.  The members of the panel understand that some transitions are not straight forward and may need senior and expert staff in this area to give further guidance on a transitions pathway.  Access officers will not have to complete a new Social Care Screening Tool form if there is already an open file.   Access Officers need only to email the panel coordinator in these cases in addition to logging the panel re-referral on case notes.

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