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Feedback on the SEND local offer Report to August 2018

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Our report on the feedback about the SEND local offer from September 2017 to August 2018 is under "Downloads". 

How to give us your feedback on the SEND local offer, the services and providers as well as the Local Offer website.  You can:

  • Join our local parents' forum, Positive Parent Action, (PPA) as we regularly work with them on the Local Offer. 
  • Join the Disabled Childrens' and Young Peoples' Register (DCR), to get updated about new Local Offer information, and to get asked for your input on services and provision that makes up Wandsworth's SEND local offer.
  • Attend a SEND local offer Focus Group, these are held at different times of day and evening to gather the opinions of parents, carers and professionals.
  • Attend a local disability youth group, as we are visiting them to listen to their views on content, presentation and other ways to get the information they want.

On the SEND Local Offer website, you can use the feedback route in the "Local Offer" box at the end of every Local Offer record. 

" How to complain, compliment or feedback about this service, activity or provider.  This takes you to our Local Offer feedback form.

Please use this to give us your responses, good, bad or neither, so we can see where we need to change what we've done or do it better. And, so we can feedback to the service or activity you used and tell them how they did.  We understand if you want to do so anonymously, so you are welcome to give your feedback that way.  We would prefer if you can let us contact you, so we can ask for more details, if we need them and so we can report our actions to you. 

Other ways to feedback on Wandsworth's SEND local offer.

  • Click on "Contact " at the top of every webpage and give us your comments by email.
  • Alternatively, you can use the "Comments, complaints" link at the bottom of every webpage. This takes you to the Council's Enquiries, Comments and Complaints form.

You can email or call Eleanor Thain, Disability Information Officer, on 020 8871 8907  

Can't find what you want?  Contact us.  
020 8871 7899