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Vaccine for sole/primary carers of clinically extremely vulnerable children.

If your child has been identified by the NHS as someone thought to be clinically extremely vulnerable and at highest risk of becoming very unwell if they catch COVID-19, please read the following.

As part of the vaccine roll out, you may be aware that those people who are unpaid carers, including primary/sole carers for clinically extremely vulnerable people are on the priority list to receive the vaccine.


What we need you to do

You may have already been contacted by the NHS to receive your vaccine. If you have not:

  1. Contact your GP as someone who is a carer of someone who is clinically vulnerable to ensure they have registered you as a carer.
  2. Self-refer for vaccine as part of JCVI priority cohort 6-sole: Unpaid Carers, including sole/primary carers for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable children. Self-referral information as below:

The national route for unknown carers to book with the National Booking Service is now live. 

Unpaid carers will need their NHS number and their date of birth and then either phone 119 or visit the National Booking Service online at

They will then be asked if they are an unpaid carer and then need to answer some screening questions to determine their eligibility (nature of caring role and whether person they are caring for is vulnerable).

Once they clear the screening questions they can book as normal – no identification apart from their booking confirmation will be required i.e. don’t need to prove they are a carer. If they are deemed ineligible (i.e. not the primary carer or not caring for someone who is clinically vulnerable) this will be explained, and they will be invited to call 119.

This is available for all adult carers and also young carers aged 16 and 17 (who will then be referred to their local GP booking system because there is only one vaccine approved for use under aged 18).


Contact Information
020 8871 7899 option: Family information service