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Parks and Playgrounds

The Borough of Wandsworth has a wide range of play spaces that offer stimulating and wide-ranging play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities.

Providing places where children, young people and families can play, have fun and socialise is important for children’s physical and emotional health. It supports children’s well-being and development by offering activities that stretch their abilities and encourage their imagination. It increases their confidence and self awareness, allowing them to learn how to evaluate and manage risk.

 It also helps parents and carers by offering free, accessible, welcoming spaces for children and families to enjoy. Local communities benefit, as children and young people have places to go and things to do. These play spaces enhance community life and helps to reduce friction, and anti-social behaviour.

 In order to promote health and fitness, it is vitally important that children are encouraged to engage in play, physical activities, team sports and imaginative games. Play spaces are a great place for this to happen. Look on the map to find what play spaces are near you.