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Children's Centres in Wandsworth

A message from Wandsworth Children's Centres

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope in these extraordinary times you and your family are doing well.

We know social distancing can be limiting and it’s difficult to find new ways to keep busy and support young children with their development and emotional wellbeing. To help you find a range of activities you could get involved with from home, we have developed virtual services. You can access these services via contact with your local Cluster Children’s Centres.

There are a small number of services that are being delivered from centres, these will need to be booked in advance.

Children’s Centres staff are working remotely. So, if you have a question, need some information, advice or guidance our Early Help staff are still here to talk over the phone or email.

Battersea Cluster - Sabrina Small
Roehampton Cluster - Jennie Ramsey
Tooting Cluster - Jennifer Hindmoor

We look forward to seeing you and your families very soon!

Take care and stay safe.

Early Childhood and Learning Team



Children's Centres provide a welcoming space where you and your child can have fun and learn. 

If you have a child age five or under, you can find your nearest children's centre here.

The benefits of using a children's centre are:

  • learning to play creatively with your child
  • spending quality time together with your child
  • improving your parenting skills by attending various programmes and sessions
  • accessing training courses to assist you in getting back to work
  • making friends with other parents and carers
  • getting support with life problems.

Most sessions will be drop-in and free of charge, but some will require booking and maybe a small fee. 

Centres are grouped into three clusters around the borough. You can click on the centres' names to take you to their page:

Battersea cluster:
Chesterton Children's Centre
Somerset Children's Centre
York Gardens Children's Centre
Yvonne Carr Children's Centre

Roehampton cluster:
Eastwood Children's Centre
Granard Children's Centre
Southmead Children's Centre
West Hill in the Park Children's Centre

Tooting cluster:
Balham Children's Centre
Fayland Children's Centre
Franciscan Children's Centre
Hillbrook Children's Centre
Smallwood Children's Centre

To register with any Children's Centre in Wandsworth please fill in the following registration form and return it to  

Click here to go to the registration form.