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Wandsworth's WAND and WAND+ card offers.

The WAND card team assisted by our award winning Parent Champions have negotiated lots of WAND card offers with local business and services.  At present most of these only apply to WAND card holders. We are negotiating with the WAND Makers about extending them to WAND+ card holders and looking at other, age appropriate offers, for WAND+ card Holders.

You can use your WAND card at lots of places in Wandsworth.  Some offer WAND card holders or their parents or carers a discount or free entry.  Other WAND Makers are happy to help you with your shopping, fast track you through the till or tell you when their shop will be quiet and you can have a haircut or shoe fitting in peace.

These cards can help to avoid the need for lengthy explanations when asking for existing concessions and assistance within the borough.

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