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Resource Bases

Most children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) will attend mainstream nurseries, schools and colleges or universities. 

If a child or young person needs a more specialist setting, either in a:

  • specialist resource base in a mainstream nursery or school,
  • or in a special school or college,

they will need to have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan).  The assessment for the EHC Plan will include consideration of the most suitable Wandsworth special school or resource base for them to attend.

All resource bases cater for children or young people who can access a mainstream curriculum but who need additional support or small group work in order for this to be successful.

Resource bases operate in different ways:

  • children may attend a specific unit in the school for part or all of the school day, and/or
  • they may receive focused specialist support in the main classrooms.

Resource bases are all staffed with specialist teachers, support assistants and therapists with expertise in speech, language and communications needs and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) who work in the base and with mainstream teachers.