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Finding yourself work - employment, self-employment, volunteering -  or a daily activity which means something when you are an adult is important to everyone.   It is a good idea to start thinking and talking about your aspirations from when you are quite young.  This gives you and your family and the people around you time to think about how to get to your goals.

If you have an Education Health and Care Plan, this will be part of your plan from Year 9, when you are around 14 years old.  But don't wait until then, the exact details may change from when you are very young, but it is never too soon to think about and find out about your options.

This is a short film about Employment made by some of our young people at Aurora College.

Local resources to help you find work include:

 Local supported employment opportunities are available from:

Supported Internships in Wandsworth:

Supported Internships in London:

National supported employment:

National advice from:

Travel options include: