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Social Care

Social Care is available to you if you qualify for it.  Some social care is free, for some you may need to pay.  What you want and what you need will change as you get older.  If you are likely to need social care when you are over 18, it is advisable to think about what you will need, well before your 18th birthday.

If you have a severe and enduring disability as an under 18 year old, you may already get support from the 0 to 25 Disabilities Team.  This should mean that your support will continue, even if what you need, and want, changes as you get older.

Direct Payments are available to people who have been assessed by social services as needing help, and who would like to arrange and pay for their own care and support services instead of receiving them direct from the Council. 

However, to ensure that this is a smooth transition, a referral to the Transitions Panel will have to be made, well before your 18th birthday. 

The Adult Care Information Service (ACIS) has information about services for people with disabilities aged 18 and over.    Their Factsheet "Who qualifies for help?" sets this out.

VoiceAbility provides advocacy services (currently for over 16’s)

Adult Care and Information Service (ACIS)  ACIS has information about services for young people and adults. It can help to guide you through the many services available to those people eligible for formal help from Adult Social Services and for those who are not. Their range of factsheets, including easy read versions of some, explain what support you can get and who is eligible.

The following voluntary organisations may be able to help.

DASCAS (All ages)

Wandsworth Contact (up to 25s)

Wandsworth Information Advice and Support Service (WIASS) (up to 25s)

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