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Wandsworth's Wikis

Wikis are simple, accessible, secure, easy to build personal websites.   If you are a child or young person with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) or the parent or carer of someone with SEND, you may find a Wiki helpful.  Wandsworth’s Wikis are free if you are 0 to 24 years old, have a special educational need or disability and live in Wandsworth, go to a Wandsworth School or attend a Wandsworth provision, like a nursery or youth group. 

Wikis were developed by RIX Research and Media. They are a multi media advocacy tool, developed with and for people with learning and other special educational needs and disabilities.

You can use a Wiki to create multimedia person centred plans that use pictures, words, video and sound to capture your, or your child's, voice, skills, aspirations and needs.

Wikis can be used to allow you to contribute to planning about you, a Wiki can be shared with your teacher, doctor, nurse, social worker, foster carer, teaching assistant, youth leader, short breaks provider or potential employer.

You can ask your Wandsworth nursery, school, college, resource base or youth group if they have a Wiki Portal.  If they do, they will have a Wiki Portal Manager who you can ask for a Wiki. 

You can also email the Wandsworth Wiki Co-ordinator on for more information.