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Feedback about the Local Offer. 

Our most recent report on the feedback about the Local Offer,  from September 2016 to August 2017,  is under "Downloads". 

How to give your feedback on any part of Wandsworth's Local Offer.

If possible, please make your complaint, give your compliment or feedback  direct to the person you are dealing with, or their manager, using their complaints, compliments and/or feedback procedures.

If you want to complain, compliment or feedback about a Local Offer service, activity or provider you can:

  • use this link go to our Local Offer Services Complaints, Compliments and Feedback website  and make your complaint.  (This link is in the "Local Offer" box at the bottom of every local offer webpage.)  This feedback can be anonymous, if you wish.  However, if you want us to follow up your feedback, and get back to you with the outcome, please leave your details.  We will not share them without your permission.  Please use this to give us your responses, good, bad or neither, so we can see where we need to change what we've done or do it better. And, so we can feedback to the service or activity, and tell them how they did.

  • use the "Feedback" link at the end of every webpage. This takes you to the Council's website feedback form.
  • email or call Eleanor Thain, SEN and Disability Information Officer, on 020 8871 8907 ethain@wandsworth.gov.uk

Can't find what you want? 

You can call or email THRIVE Online who can help find what you want.

020 8871 7899