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Young People and Covid-19 Vaccine Toolkit

The document under 'Downloads' is a toolkit created by the Cabinet Office. It has resources for practitioners to use to encourage the take up of the covid-19 vaccine among young people.

Wandsworth Children’s Services - Coronavirus Emergency Operational Procedures and Guidance

As England has moved into the second lockdown of 2020, Children's Services have revised their emergency procedures to be as clear as possible about the practice requirements and how they do their necessary work to keep children safe. Please see the document under 'Downloads' to…

Direct Work Tools for Practitioners

The direct work tools found under 'Downloads' (to the right, or below) are worksheets that can be used to help practitioners when working with children, young people and families. The direct work tools have been obtained from different sources, including Children's Involvement for Sheffield Council.

Wandsworth Early Help Clusters

Early Help services in Wandsworth are delivered from three cluster hubs around the borough. The clusters are: Battersea Roehampton Tooting Each cluster is made up of multi-disciplinary teams who work with children and young people (and their families) aged 0-19 years old, and up to…

Keeping Children Safe - Unregistered Schools

An unregistered school is a school that is independent from Local Authority control and meets the criteria below for registration, but has not done so. The criteria are: Teaches a full-time education to five or more children aged between 5-16 years old Teaches a full-time…

Keeping Children Safe - Supplementary Education

Supplementary Education includes all non-statutory provision for children and young people in a setting outside of a mainstream school. It is not an alternative to mainstream education in your local school but provides extra support in core cirriculum subjects (Maths, English, Science, etc.) and/or languages,…

Early Help Quality Assurance Process for Early Help Service

To ensure that the services we offer are effective in promoting and strengthening resilience in children and families we have developed a framework for how we will quality assurance the work that we do.

Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Partnership (WSCP)

Many people will not be clear of the role of the WSCP, what it is or does. Safeguarding Children Partnerships were set up following the Children Act 2004 resulting from the Victoria Climbie enquiry, which called for new arrangements to hold people to account in organisations…

Leaving Care - What Support is Available?

The following is a guide to leaving care at Wandsworth and the support available.