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Continuum of Need – thresholds

In 2010 Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Partnership and the Children and Young People’s Board adopted the London Continuum of Need.  The Continuum of Need is a guide to thresholds for four levels of service. The movement up and down the continuum of need is not exactly…

Direct Work Tools for Practitioners

The direct work tools found under 'Downloads' (to the right, or below) are worksheets that can be used to help practitioners when working with children, young people and families. The direct work tools have been obtained from different sources, including Children's Involvement for Sheffield Council.

Domestic Violence and Abuse Leaflet

Are you afraid of someone close to you? Being scared, humiliated or controlled are not how you should be feeling in a relationship. Domestic abuse can be physical violence. It can also be psychological, emotional, sexual or financial. If you think you are in an…

Early Help Assessment (EHA)

What is the Early Help Assessment? The Early Help Assessment (EHA) has been developed from the Signs of Safety and Well Being methodology.  The practitioners work with a parent(s) or young person to gather information and build a picture of what is currently happening, including…

Early Help IT System (EHITS)

EHITS is the Early Help IT system it is a web based system which can be used by all practitioners working in services in Wandsworth.  The system is for sharing the information with the consent of a parent or young person on their Early Help…

Early Help Practitioners' Hub

The Early Help Hub is a resource for practitioners working with children and families to find services that can help to support these families. "It is important that children receive the right help at the right time.  For that to happen, everyone who comes in contact…

Early Help Quality Assurance Process for Early Help Service

To ensure that the services we offer are effective in promoting and strengthening resilience in children and families we have developed a framework for how we will quality assurance the work that we do.

Early Help Strategy

This Early Help Strategy sets out the key strands of the early help offer in Wandsworth. These include how the processes, the services, and the outcomes for families and young people who access early help services and support in Wandsworth are quality assured.

Guide to Early Help Processes

This handbook is written for frontline operational managers, but the processes and policies will be of use to all staff working with and supporting children, young people and their families. The guidance explains the framework, practice tools and processes that are used to support integrated working…