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Find-a-pa is a website which helps to match people looking to employ a Personal (care) Assistant with Personal Assistants looking for work.  The website contains a database of Personal Assistants (PAs) looking for work and employers looking to employ. You can browse the site and look…

Garratt Park School After School Clubs

Garratt Park School runs a range of after school clubs for their pupils.

Generate - Coronavirus

Things To Do While Social Distancing -  Each week we’ll be adding more activities for you to do at home. We are also sending a weekly email, with how to get in touch and get support. Contact Katy if you would like to…

Greenmead School After School Club

Greenmead School runs "After Party", an after school provision for their pupils.

Greenmead School Holiday Schemes

Greenmead School runs holiday play schemes for their pupils.

Guide to Short Breaks-Activities for children, young people and their families

Short breaks are intended to give parents and carers of children with disabilities and special needs the chance to have a “break” from their caring responsibilities, to rest, spend time with their other children, or to enjoy a leisure activity themselves.

Inclusive Youth Clubs

These youth clubs are provided by Wandsworth Council's Youth Service. They offer a range of activities and chances to socialise. Youth clubs are open on weekday evenings and during school holidays for young people between 11 and 19 years old.  This goes up to 25, where the young person has a…

Lady Allen Adventure Playground

Lady Allen Adventure Playground provides opportunities for adventurous play for disabled children and their siblings from the Borough of Wandsworth.This facility is for disabled children and young people and their siblings between the ages of 5-14 years.It offers outdoor and indoor facilities on a…

Lady Allen After School Care

Lady Allen After School Care provides opportunities for adventurous play for disabled children from the Borough of Wandsworth. It is for disabled children and young people  between the ages of 5 -14 years.It offers outdoor and indoor facilities on a secure site including:…

Lady Allen Holiday Play Scheme - Coronavirus

The Lady Allen playground is opening for the summer scheme from the 20 July 2020 and running until the 28 August 2020, from 10:00-16:00, Mondays-Fridays. Unfortunately we are unlikely to have any availability for the summer. We are operating at around a third of our…