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Frederike Leone

I have worked in childcare since 2014 and have been registered as a childminder since 2015. I live with my husband and our three children (13,11,8) which are all in full time education. I am offering bilingual childcare, in which children are exposed to German language and culture. I am…

Free School Meals

Parents/carers eligible for free school meals could save themselves hundreds of pounds each year by applying.Children and young people can have free school meals, if their family is receiving:  income-based jobseeker's allowance; income-related employment and support allowance;  or child tax credit, (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax…

French and Spanish Language School

This service offers French and Spanish lessons for children from 2 years old, young people and adults in group classes or private tuition, for fun or exams. This service aims to: provide good quality teaching; from native French and Spanish teachers; in small classes; and  …

Fruity Club: Sacred Heart Primary School

Fruity Club Ltd provides childcare in Battersea. Please contact provider for more details.

Fruity Club: St Anselms RC Primary School

Out of School Care
Fruity Club runs every school day from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Children receive a hot meal each evening and are also given time to play, or do some of their homework.

Furzedown Primary School

Primary school nursery class or nursery school
Furzedown School ia a community primary school and provides education for around 460 children. The school is located in the Furzedown area. This school caters for boys and girls aged between 3-11 years old. All Wandsworth schools: offer a curriculum…

The Gardens Daycare and Nursery School

Holiday Scheme
A traditional nursery school and flexible daycare for children aged between 9 months and 5 years old, from 8:00am until 6.30pm, 51 weeks a year. We offer a safe environment and a variety of activities for children…

Garratt Park School

This is a Wandsworth maintained secondary school for boys and girls with mild to moderate learning difficulties with associated complex needs aged between 11 and 19 years .Garratt Park School caters for students with a range of difficulties, including moderate learning difficulties, autistic…

Gatton (VA) Primary School

Primary School
Gatton Primary School is a Voluntary aided Islamic primary school and provides education for up to 420 children. The school is located in the Tooting area. This school caters for boys and girls aged between 3-11 years old. All Wandsworth schools:…