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KidsTime Workshops

Second Thursday of every month (except in August): 5pm – 7:30pm
Wandsworth KidsTime Workshops are fun group workshops for all the family where a parent or carer in the family has a mental illness. They offer a safe, non-judgmental place where families can come together to talk and learn about mental illness. How do the workshops…

London Mums

This service is a web based group of new parents and carers in London who support each other.Anyone can use this website.This service offers: online sharing of baby and childcare views and tips;

Marriage Course

Online - at a time that suits you
Giving couples the tools to build strong and healthy marriages. Have you booked your marriage in for a 9,000 mile service recently? Do you need an oil change, or a chance to check the brakes? Maybe it’s a minor adjustment or a major repair?…

Match - Mothers Apart from their Children

MATCH - mothers apart from their children is a charity that offers non-judgemental support and information to mothers apart from their children in a wide variety of circumstances. Members include those who are sharing parenting and those who have little or no contact. Are you a mother…

Maternity Action

Maternity Action champions maternity rights at work, in the benefits system and in access to maternity care. They promote gender equality and the health and well-being of all pregnant women, new mothers and their families. They offer online information sheets that cover a range of topics including:…


This is a 6 week healthy lifestyle programme providing free physical activity and free nutrition advice to support mums in achieving a healthier lifestyle. For mums that have a baby up to 2 years old, welcome to bring their babies…

The Money Advice Service

This website (formerly called 'Money Made Clear'), provides information and helpful tips on how to manage your money. There are a number of step-by-step guides to planning and managing your money.Parents, carers and young people can benefit from the website.The website can help with…

Mushkil Aasaan (Community Care For Asian Families In Crisis)

The group have a detailed knowledge of the Asian community's faiths, values, customs, language and dietary needs. This service offers a range of help and support to South Asian families. Families can receive information on: parenting;

Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are a good way to introduce the new member of your family for your family and friends. This service is for children, their families and friends. A naming ceremony provides: an opportunity…

A website for parents and carers of young children in Wandsworth. It is packed full of ideas for things to do, childcare adverts, buying and selling and even advice on schools and childcare.For parents, carers and people who work with children.