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Charis Grants

Millions of people in Britain live in hardship and struggle to pay some or all of their bills, but many of those in trouble are not aware that help could be available when it is needed most.

Many utility companies offer some form of assistance including money towards water and energy bills, clearing arrears, or practical help such as providing an A rated essential household appliance, help with funeral costs or even an eSkills learning voucher to increase the chances of getting employment.

If you are in need of help with utility debt, other essential priority bills or household items then you can visit your supplier’s trust or fund website to see if you are eligible for assistance and in what form. It could also be useful to talk to your current supplier to find out whether any of their reduced rate tariffs would be beneficial to you.

Charis have a unique ‘shared programme’ that means when you submit an application, we will automatically check your eligibility over all available trusts and funds to maximise the help available so you will only need to apply once. Please click here to access the application forms on their website.

You can also see their frequently asked questions (FAQs) for further information.

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Last updated: 25 Jun 2019

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