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Healthy Weight Care Pathway and Toolkit

Unhealthy weight, in particular excess weight, is widely recognised as a cause of ill-health nationally, and addressing it is a local priority.

The Wandsworth Healthy Weight Care Pathways and toolkit were developed as part of a wider prevention and management strategy, in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders from across the borough. It is intended that they will help frontline staff support adults and children develop healthy habits for life by signposting them to relevant services and support across the borough, and identifying the referral mechanisms and criteria for different services. This will help ensure a consistent standardised approach to prevention and management of overweight and obesity in Wandsworth.

There are three care pathways; up to 5 years, 5-18 years and adults. Each care pathway is a single one page summary based on what is available locally, as well as good practice guidance. The toolkit contains the more detailed supporting information behind the care pathways, and is a source of information and resources for the public, those who work with children and families and healthcare professionals. Within the care pathways there are links to specific parts of the toolkit where supporting information can be found. Over time, use of the toolkit may fall as individuals become more familiar with the content. The toolkit and care pathways will be reviewed regularly to ensure they represent best practice and local resources.

You will find all 3 pathways and the toolkit under 'Downloads'.

Last updated: 29 Jul 2021

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