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Barnardo’s Pan London Service for Sexually Exploited, Missing and Trafficked Children Services Family Support

Barnardo’s Pan London Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Missing and Trafficking Service unites health, education, police, and voluntary sector and child protection services to seek out young people at risk of abuse and exploitation and give them access to support.

This service from Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity, protects children and young people at risk from sexual exploitation.

Barnardo’s Pan London CSE, Missing and Trafficking Service offers:

  • direct support sessions to young people;
  • home visits;
  • visits with carers; and
  • meetings with professionals.

Professionals can make a referral to this service using the form below.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Chakir Mouden



Referral required
Referral Details

The six core points for referral are:

  1. Enhancing Parent / Carer Adult Child Relationship
  2. Parent(s) need support with holding open conversations with child / young person expressing fears, feelings, insecurity and anxiety
  3. Parents need healing and road to recovery in partnership with young child (Present, pre or still on going CSE)
  4. Helping parent(s) to continue work with Barnardo’s CSE Team
  5. Parent(s) need support in breaking barriers and accessing appropriate support services
  6. Parent(s) need support with understanding what CSE is and help with identifying signs

Last updated: 27 Sep 2019

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