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Mindfulness in Schools Training

Mindfulness involves learning to direct our attention to our experience as it unfolds, moment by moment, with open-minded curiosity and acceptance. Rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen, it trains us to respond skilfully to whatever is happening right now, be that pleasant or more challenging.

A 10 week Mindfulness Training Programme(s) is being offered to young people within the borough. In each session the young people learn Mindfulness theory and practice Mindfulness tools to develop greater possibilities for themselves. The course is called .b (dot b) and aims to give students Mindfulness as a life-skill.

Some of the potential benefits are:

  • feeling calmer and more positive;
  • helping cope with stress and anxiety;
  • improving concentration and focus; and
  • getting on better with others.

For more information please see the leaflet under 'Downloads', visit the website opposite or email

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Last updated: 26 Mar 2019

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