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Unique Youth at the George Shearing Centre "Bite Size" Massage Tutorials

Join Lisa Poole, George Shearing’s Community Massage Practitioner, on a family massage journey through lockdown - learn to massage your young adult with additional needs and any other family members. 

As we start to move out of lockdown, lives are becoming busier and time is precious…Lisa has put together a series of bitesized massage tutorials 10-15 mins max for you to watch at your leisure and on the go.  Quick and easy home massage sequences for all the family.

A Guide to Massaging your Young Adult with Additional Needs: 20 mins.

New!  For parents/carers

Bitesize Massage Tutorials: Relaxation for YOU - Deep Breathing Sequence 13 mins

Bitesize Massage Tutorials: Relaxation for YOU - Neck and Shoulder Stretch Sequence 7 mins

Bite size Tutorials

Bitesize 1: Intro, Purpose, benefits and health & Safety:

Bitesize 2: Guidelines to Strokes, techniques and Consent:

Bitesize 3: Back Massage 15mins:

Bitesize 4: Foot Massage 15 mins:

Bitesize 5: Hand Massage 11 mins:

Bitesize 6: Arm Massage 11 mins:

Bitesize 7: Head, Neck and Face Massage 16 minutes

Bitesize 8 a Leg : Back of the Leg 14 minutes

Bitesize 8 b:  Leg : Front of the Leg 14 minutes

The longer versions are still available if these have been helpful -  

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Recap:Relaxation:Back Massage

Week 3:Adapting the Massage to your family member:Arm and Hand Massage:Back Massage

Week 4: Massaging the back of the legs and going over the arms, hands & back massage.

Week 5: Sofa massage - front of legs and the feet:

Week 5 ii: Refresh of Strokes so far:

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