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Initial Point Of Contact (IPOC)

The new front door to Children’s Services is called the Initial Point of Contact (IPOC).

Iif you have a concern about a child then you should complete an EHA and send it to which is a secure email address.

The IPOC team will use the Signs of Safety framework to analyse the information and decide on the level of need. Those assessed as having level 3 and 4 risk on the London Continuum of Needs threshold will go for a Children and Families Assessment (Section 17 or 47). Those at level 1 or 2 will go to the Early Help Pathway Team. Those where the level of risk is not clear will go to the MASH team for further investigation and discussion to help determine the level of risk.

The Early Help Pathway Practitioner and Early Help Pathway Manger will work with the families and the referrers to ensure that they consent to the involvement of Early Help Services and that families and children are key in identifying the type of help and support they need.  They will ensure families get the help they need, when they need it, by case mapping and developing plans that will help them broker services that will support the family in achieving the best outcomes for a child.

When services have completed work with families, the ‘Thrive in Touch' service will continue to touch base with families as the child grows to ensure that if they need help in the future this happens swiftly, and reduces vulnerable families yo-yoing in and out of Children’s Specialist Services.

For further information about the Early Help Pathway team and the early help offer please phone 020 8871 7899.

IPOC Chart

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Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
Wandsworth Town
SW18 2PU
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Last updated: 28 Mar 2019

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