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Early Help Assessment (EHA)

The Early Help Assessment is a way of gathering and sharing information about the strengths and needs of a child or young person so they can be supported to achieve their full potential.

Parents choose to take part.

The assessment involves:

  • talking with an assessor - usually, health, school or other professional; 
  • they will gather as much information from you about your child and family;
  • they may talk to professionals about services and help that are on offer (with your permission), and they will, with you, develop a plan to improve things for your child;
  • you will be involved in all decisions.

The Team Around the Child (or Family) meeting involves: 

  • meeting with the child / young person / parents and professionals involved
  • a discussion of what is working well, current concerns and what to do next.

The Early Help Assessment puts the family at the heart of decisions made about their child. It can be used to help children and young people from before they are born, up to 18 years old or 25 if they have additional needs.

If a number of people are providing support to your child, one of these people may be appointed as a ‘lead professional’. This person will keep you informed, listen to your views and support you. The named worker will also co-ordinate all the services supporting your child.

The Early Help Assessment is a shared tool used by everyone working with children and young people in Wandsworth; it enables needs to be spotted early and helps services to be provided in a co-ordinated way. A Early Help Assessment stops multiple assessments where families have to repeat the same information to different workers. An Integrated Working handbook is available on the Early Help Practitioners hub section to assist professionals in Wandsworth.

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THRIVE Wandsworth
Town Hall
SW18 2PU
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to 18 years

Local Offer


What is Wandsworth’s Local Offer ?

If you think your child needs an Early Help Assessment you can ask your Health Visitor, School Nurse, Midwife, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), Social Worker, Family Outreach Worker or other Health, Education or Social Work professional who is working with your child or family.

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Last updated: 09 Jan 2020

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