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Children's Centres Statutory Guidance

The core purpose of children’s centres is to improve outcomes for young children and their families and reduce inequalities between families in greatest need and their peers in:  

  •  child development and school readiness;
  • parenting aspirations and parenting skills; and
  •  child and family health and life chances”  

Advisory boards are a statutory requirements for Children’s  Centres and act as a ‘critical friend’ to the centre essentially like a Governing body. However, they are  different from a Governing body of a school as they have no financial or staffing responsibilities and have attached the statutory guidance for you to look at.    They normally meet about 6 times per year. We need people who can think strategically, can represent the LA view about improving outcomes for children, and have an interest in developing their knowledge about Children Centres   You may have a particular area of knowledge  which will be helpful to children centres e.g. planning and organisation skills, children/adult  learning and development , special needs, data and  evaluation , group work, publicity, family work, parental involvement,  etc.    We will be ensuring people are briefed and get regular training and feedback opportunities.  

With  14 children’s Centres across the Borough (some operating from 2 sites) we have successfully allocated Wandsworth employee’s to Centres and are seeking additional members of our service to be local authority representatives on Children’s Centres advisory boards.   

If you are interested please discuss with your line manager in the first instance  and then let me know if you would like to be considered .   Children Centres Statutory Guidance

We will be holding a briefing at end of January 2015, for more information contact Jackie Buckley on: 020 8672 7896

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