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Southside Shopping Centre - welcomes WAND and WAND+ Card holders

WAND and WAND+ Card holders are welcome at Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth.  The Centre management, security and cleaning staff have all had disability awareness training and are keen to make your visit pleasant.

Southside shopping centre is fully accessible, including disabled car parking bays, lifts to all areas of the centre, automatic doors and a team of friendly staff who are familiar with the WAND and WAND+ card and will always try to help where possible.

New for 2018, Southside have upgraded all their toilet facilities, including disabled access toilets.  There also a new ‘changing places' facility that includes all the necessary equipment needed such as a hoist and adjustable sinks. These toilet facilities are above Waitrose between Prezzo and Five Guys.

In addition, Southside also have a wheelchair available for loan on site for customers.  To find out more about this, or to book it ahead of your visit, call the Southside team on 0208 877 3088 to ensure it is available.  (Collection of the chair is close to Cineworld and the Southside toilets, close to Southside Car Park 1, off Garratt Lane).

As with any new place you are visiting (or taking your child or young person), it can be a good idea to:

  • look at their website to check their facilities, or
  • call ahead before your first visit to find out when the centre will be quiet and
  • talk about how your visit can take place as easily as possible.
  • Or if you can visit with your child/young person to get used them to a new place,
  • check how accessible the premises are and
  • discuss your (or your child or young person's) needs with the staff.

Find out more about the WAND Card here.

Find out more about the WAND+ Card here

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Southside Shopping Centre
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Last updated: 16 Jul 2021

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