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Adult Weight Management Programme

The Adult Weight Management Programme is a service provided by Wandsworth Borough Council. The aim of the programme is to encourage you to take the first step in controlling your weight by offering a sustainable weight loss solution.

As part of its Adult Weight Management Programme, Wandsworth Council is offering FREE weight loss vouchers for 12 weeks for those who live in the borough.

The programme is available for those who are aged 18 or over, who are classed as obese and meet the eligibility criteria. You can choose between Slimming World or WW (previously Weight Watchers):

Slimming World:

The Slimming World programme consists of 12 weekly 1-1.5 hour group sessions and additional support in between meetings as required by individuals. Slimming World integrates 3 key principles to help families adopt healthier lifestyles:

  • A warm empowering group environment which supports members and facilitates behaviour change around eating and activity habits 
  • A satisfying eating plan to promote healthy eating patterns for life 
  • An activity management programme to help members gradually increase physical activity levels.

WW Health Solutions

Wellness that works.

With our proven SmartPoints® system at its core, Flex® makes deciding what to eat easy. Combining our fantastic app, over 200 delicious and satisfying zero Points® foods, inspiring community, and 24/7 support from our expert Coaches, we have everything needed to achieve weight loss goals. There are 2 ways to follow the programme; a counting system called SmartPoints® and a ‘No Count’ approach.

Please contact the weight management team on the contact details below for more information and to register.

We are available Thursdays and Fridays. (Adjusted times apply during school holidays)

You can also visit the website for more information on weight management.

Who to contact

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Weight Management Team



Last updated: 01 Nov 2019

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