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What is a Wiki?

What is a Wiki Website?

A Wiki Website is your very own secure, private website. You can add pictures, videos and sound clips to your Wiki Website to tell your story and share your successes, hopes and dreams.

This can help people you trust, to get to know you better. You can easily add new things to your Wiki Website.

You can see your Wiki Website on a computer, laptop, tablet (ipad) or even a phone. You need to have the internet to see and add things to your Wiki Website.

You can review this video on the Vimeo website (external link) to gain a greater understanding of what a Wiki Website is and how it may support you.

Am I eligible for a Wiki Website in Wandsworth?

If you are:

  • 0 to 25 years old,  and
  • receive special educational needs and / or disability (SEND) support, (this includes having an EHC (Education Health and Care)  plan or Statement of SEN (Special Educational Needs), 
  • receive continuing healthcare, or:
  • have a social worker in the 0 to 25 Disabilities Team

and either:

  • live in Wandsworth, and/or
  • attend an educational establishment based in Wandsworth or an organisation based in Wandsworth,

you can have a Wandsworth funded Wiki Website.

Who is providing this Wiki Website?

Wiki Websites are provided by RIX Media, a company of the University of East London.  Wiki Websites are currently being funded in Wandsworth by Wandsworth Council and Wandsworth Special Schools.

Are Wiki Websites safe?

All Wiki Websites are private and secured by a password that only you will know. You can choose to keep your Wiki Website private, or share all or just some of it with people you know and trust. 

You can review this video on the Vimeo website (external link) to gain a greater understanding of what security features are built into RIX Wiki Websites.

What equipment do I need to for a Wiki Website?

You do not need a disc or CD to install the software as a Wiki Website is accessed through the internet.

You need a good internet connection plus a web browser.  The Wiki Website works really well in all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

You need to complete the registration form here -   Wandsworth's Wiki Portal in order for us to accurately assess your eligibility.

How can I get a Wiki Website?

  1. Complete the registration form in the Wandsworth's Wiki Portal 
  2. If you are eligible, you will be emailed log in details for your Wiki within 10 working days.
  3. If you are not eligible, we will let you know within 10 working days and explain why we think you are not eligible.

Where do I get support and help to develop my Wiki Website?

If you need help with your Wiki you can:

  • refer to your Wiki Basic Course and/or Quick Wiki Course which you will be set up with as well as your wiki,
  • read the guides on the Local Offer website,
  • ask Rix for help, as every wiki has an online help tab,
  • ask your Portal Manager, at your school or youth group if there is one, or
  • email 

Wiki Workshops will be run at different venues in the borough and Wiki Users and Signatories will be invited to attend. 

I’m not sure about signing up yet, how can I find out more about Wiki Websites?

Rix Research and Media, who have developed the Wiki concept, have several useful webpages you can visit to find out more.  Their main website is  This is also where you can log in to your Wiki, once you have one.  From this webpage you can see some:

There are guides to download too.

Who to contact


Local Offer


What is Wandsworth’s Local Offer ?

To have a wiki you can ask your nursery, school, college or organisation if they have a Wiki Portal, and they can set you up with a wiki.

Or you can apply online using Wandsworth's Wiki Portal 

How to complain, compliment or feedback about this service, activity or provider.

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