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Love and Nurture - Baby Massage & Yoga

Baby Massage & Yoga will help to enhance the bond between a parent their baby, securing a foundation of trust and security contributing to a happy and confident relationship which is vital for all mothers and babies regardless of the situation they are in.

Below are some of the proven benefits of Baby Massage. 

For parents: 

  • It helps with the bonding between parent and baby 
  • Increases the levels of prolactin which promotes milk production
  • It makes the parent more secure in handling their baby 
  • It teaches the parent how to read their baby cues
  • It relaxes the parents due the release of oxytocin
  • Baby massage may also decrease the chances of developing PND

For babies: 

  • It can bring relief for issues as colic, wind, teething pains and release of mucus
  • It relaxes the baby due to the release of oxytocin
  • It stimulates baby's digestive system, blood circulation and body awareness
  • The use of songs during the session promote language development and aid communication between mother and baby

£70 for 5 weeks (Free Trial is available) Dates and times can be found on the website below.

If you have any questions or queries please endeavour to get in touch, the contact details can be found below.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Daphne Durenkamp
Contact Position
Baby Massage Instructor
Love and Nurture

Where to go

St. Barnabas Church
12, Lavender Gardens
SW11 1DL
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Last updated: 03 Jan 2020

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