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Family Group Conference

A Family Group Conference is a meeting where a family gets together to discuss problems or concerns about a child.

It is an opportunity for families and those who are important to the child to think together about what is happening and perhaps plan things differently to support the child.

Why have a Family Group Conference?

  • We know that every family is unique, with its own culture, personalities, dynamics and history
  • All families have problems from time to time
  • Some problems involving children can be sorted out with help from relatives and friends
  • Some problems involving children require additional support from services outside families and friends, such as health, childrens services or other agencies
  • We believe that all families can find solutions and make good decisions for their children

Referrals are currently made to the service by the Social Worker within the Social Work teams and the Youth Support teams.

Who to contact


Where to go

Working Close Family Centre
140, Woking Close
SW15 5LD
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Last updated: 26 Oct 2020

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